Our Story

This conceptual Universe was founded by Diana Toncea & Bianca Popa, two emerging designers who create one-of-a-kind pieces for interiors, under the brand of 1988 Cultivating Spaces. Their simple, sculptural pieces bring meaning to one space, creating a sense of calmness and timelessness that will surpass here-today-gone-tomorrow trends.

All collections are imagined by Diana and Bianca and are carefully crafted in a slow-paced rhythm in local workshops thus avoiding the uncontrolled process of mass production.

Previously interested in frequently restyling their living spaces, Diana & Bianca have gained the belief that such changes focus on the non-essential and waste precious resources. Thus, timeless spaces reflect the essence of their owners, bare their individuality and do not require frequent restyling.

The goal of Diana & Bianca became to provide such unique handcrafted pieces of a long-lasting value for which they brought together the finest artisans in Eastern Europe.

Inspired by the essence of things, you will find that their works focus on simplicity rather than ornamentation. The asymmetry of organic design together with natural materials invite you to cherish their pieces from generation to generation, reminding us to think not in terms of decoration, but in terms of clarity and exclusion of the nonโ€”essential.

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